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Understanding the process involved in creating a web presence is important to the success of your web site. The design of the site is only a portion of the equation. There are 4 key elements in a successful web site - Design, Hosting, Marketing and Maintenance. 800biz.com offers a complete website package that includes all 4 elements. Not only is your cost less as a result of our package, but changes and updates can be made much more quickly. Contact 800biz.com for a free web site consultation.


For your web site to be successful, it takes more than a pretty design. Designing a web site is not a difficult task -- 13 year old kids can do. You can walk down the streets near the University of Arizona or any college and find 50 people that are willing to design your web site. But if your web site does not generate any traffic, what good is it?

The look of the site, while important to your business image, is really just one component of the design phase. For example, we often see web sites designed solely in Flash. While they look spectacular, they are invisible to the search engines. It is like owning a priceless painting and hanging it in the closet -- No one will ever see it!

Sites designed by 800biz.com are created to be visually appealing while still being browser friendly and meeting the search engine criteria.



Once your site is designed, it needs to be hosted on a server. While your ISP may offer web hosting, we do not recommend this for several reasons. First, browsers trying to reach your site often have to vie with the 100s or 1000s of people surfing the web over the same connection. Second, since their primary business is providing internet server, ISPs often don't have the technical expertise when it comes to web sites.

800biz hosts our sites on a dedicated server and utilize the latest firewall and security measures. Our server is maintained in a complex with technicians available 24/7.

Our hosting includes ample disk space and bandwidth, email accounts, traffic stats and daily backups of your site.



A web site is not like a yellow pages ad. Your business changes and so should your web site. If you paid a web designer to create your site, then there will also be a charge for updates or to make changes.

At 800biz, we understand the importance of keeping your site current and up to date. For this reason, our turnkey sites include monthly updates to your site at no charge. And if you find you need to expand your site, 800biz will create the additional pages for a minimal charge.

Search Engine Optimization

The "Field of Dreams" philosophy - If you build it they will come - does not exist on the web today. If your site is not registered with the search engines, the only people that will find your are ones that already have your web site address.

Search engines today are continually changing their criteria in an effort to improve the quality of their search results. If your site does not meet their criteria, it does not get listed. It now takes more than just sticking keywords in meta-tags on your site to get listed.

At 800biz we monitor dozens of search engine publications to up to date on the changes in criteria. We create your site based on the latest criteria available.

We also offer Search Engine Optimization for existing sites. Contact us for a free site evaluation.


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